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Enjoy ARchmage, a great adventure game where you will ride a dragon or unicorn
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Archmage is a great adventure game. The installation of this trial is quite easy and you will have 60 minutes for playing the game, after that you will have to buy in order to continue playing it. At the beginning of the game you will read the story about the lake shire, and how it is now ruled by evil forces and how two characters are fighting against them. In the main screen you can access an options section where you will be able to configure sound, music and screen.
At the beginning of the game you can choose between playing a mage or a witch, and also you can change the difficulty level from normal to hard or easy.
Through the different levels you will be finding new bonuses, like double fire, side fire, fast shots, fast fire, shield and super power shots, also you will find spells like fire, wind, poison and ice. You will be riding either a dragon or a unicorn through the shire and don´t worry because they are invincible so the monster attacks can´t hurt them.
Enjoy fighting evil monsters in ArchMage, destroy spiders, cyclops, orcs, evil wizards among other weird creatures.
You can control your character by using the mouse and its buttons.

Augusto Rivera
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